About Us

Oakwood Graphics was formed in 1984 to create unique signs for residential communities. The company has evolved into a full-service sign company offering design services, fabrication and installation. Our staff has backgrounds in advertising, fine art, illustration, commercial art, fabrication and engineering to provide a foundation of knowledge and expertise. At Oakwood Graphics, our people are involved in your project from start to finish, and sincerely care about your finished product. We take pride in delivering a quality sign package, within budget, and on schedule.

Tradition Combined With Innovation

Oakwood embraces traditional methods of sign making. We have expertise in time-honored methods such as gold leaf gilding, airbrushing and hand carving. However, improvements and innovation are also elements of Oakwood Graphics approach to quality sign making. We build upon traditional methods to develop a better product. We have adapted the latest in technology, including computer aided design, digital color printing and computer controlled routing to create your custom image statement.

Finest Materials

Only the finest in raw materials are selected for use in our signs. We also use the best paint finishes available. Our paint is applied in a paint booth to ensure a good quality finish.

While initially known for our unique wood signs, Oakwood Graphics constructs signs from a wide variety of materials including:

High Density Urethane



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